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Professional Mechanical Support

Service & Repair Itemized Price List

See the Service Comparison Chart for a breakdown of major service options. I do not charge more if you supply the parts unless I spend time fixing or modifying them. If you don't see it on the list don't hesitate to ask. All parts and supplies are extra. Contact me with any questions.


Mechanical & Neutral Support Services: Promoters, teams, clubs, etc.

Extended Service Plans - The ultimate bike care programs (click here for details)

Bronze: $225 - 4 months, great value
Silver: $350 - 8 months, for the more serious biker
Gold: $500 - 1 year plus some other goodies
Platinum: $700 - 1 year plus some serious goodies
Diamond: $1400 - 2 years plus some major goodies


$85 with Simple Cleaning
$105 with Basic Cleaning
$140 with Advanced Cleaning

NOTE: Add $10 for hydraulic brakes

Overhaul: $300 with Advanced Cleaning

Bike Assembly & Rebuilds

Consumer Quality: $135-$200 includes Basic Cleaning
Race Quality: $275-$400 includes Advanced Cleaning

Fitting Services

Basic Sizing: $100 - Get the best fit for your existing bike
Full Custom Fitting: $250 - Design the perfect fitting bike
R.A.D. Pedal/Cleat Adjustment: $75 - Save those knees because all clipless pedals need this!

Precision Wheel Building: A hand-built gem starts at $75 or $140 for a pair

Tubular Mounting & Repair: Starts at $60


Simple Cleaning: $30 - wipe-down gears and bike, some components degreased
Basic Cleaning: $60 - degrease drivetrain components, pretty darn clean
Advanced Cleaning: $100 - just about as clean as a bike can get

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Anything that fits in my tank, doesn't have to be bike-related

Crash Inspection, Safety Assessment: Starts at $60, includes Simple Cleaning

Frame & Fork Services

Facing/reaming head tube (1", 1-1/8", some integrated): hourly rate + $15 set-up
Facing fork crown race (1", 1-1/8", some integrated): hourly rate + $15 set-up
Threading fork (1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4"): hourly rate + $15 set-up
Cutting fork: $15-$30
Install fork: $45-$70
Facing/chasing bottom bracket (English or Italian): hourly rate + $20 set-up
Facing brake boss mount: hourly rate + $20 set-up
Dropout and frame alignment: hourly rate + $10 set-up
Paint repair: hourly rate + $10 per color
Other machining: hourly rate plus set-up fee

Shifting, Derailleur, Gears

Adjust shifting: $15 and up
Install shifters: $50 and up
Install derailleur with hanger adjustment: $30-$40
Cable work and adjustment: $15-$50 per cable
Install crankset, chain, or cassette: $10-$60


Adjust brakes: $15 and up
Install brakes: $25-$50 per brake
Install brake pads: $15-$25 per brake
Bleed disc brakes: $30 and up per brake
Install rotor: $15-$25 per rotor
Cable work and adjustment: $15-$50 per cable

Wheels, Tires, Tubes

Install wheel: $20-$45
Install tire, tube, rim tape: $10-$25
Wheel repair, truing, spoke replacement: $15-$40
Wheel build: starts at $75/ea and $140/pair
Tubular mounting and repair: starts at $60

Cockpit: Stem, Saddle, Handlebars, etc.

Install handlebar, base bar, aero bar, or stem: $20-$100
Install saddle or seatpost: $20-$30
Install basic handlebar tape, grips, or other: $15-$25

Bearings: Headset, Hubs, Bottom Bracket

Overhaul/Install headset: $25 and up
Overhaul/Install bottom bracket: $25 and up
Overhaul front hub: $15 and up
Overhaul rear hub: $20 and up


Install computer: $15 and up
Pack bike for shipping: $75-$125
Suspension rebuild: hourly rate
Accessories: hourly rate

Education and Training: Ask for details

Clinics, Workshops, and Mechanical Instruction
New Bicycle and Other Consultations
For Retail Stores: Sub-contracting, Process Control, Education
Service Area or Workshop: Design, Layout, Construction, Tool Selection

Custom Services: Ask for details

Bike Transport

Spoke Threading

Hand-Stitched Leather Handlebar Tape - classic old-school workmanship!

Services not listed: Generally shop rate of $65/hour

Other Charges

All travel is subject to the following charges:

Transportation Fees - Computed from Derby, VT

* $0.80/mile - To and from job site
* $0.80/mile - Travel in caravan/race support and incidentals
* $1.00/mile - All mileage for charity/non-profit, sliding scale may apply
Tolls, ferry transport, and other travel costs are additional

Meal Stipend - $45 or three full meals for each work, travel, or rest day (full day or overnight only)

Lodging - Daily stipend at local rates or as detailed below (full day or overnight only)

* May be required for events more than two hours away
* Hotel or motel with easy car access or secure host housing
* Required for entire duration of event

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