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Mobile Services

Avoiding the hassle of loading, unloading, waiting, and returning to pick up your bicycle is priceless. Same with on-site repairs: super convenient! Nearly all regular services can be brought to you though I prefer to have the bike in my shop whenever possible.

COST: Listed or hourly rate plus any other charges as detailed below

NOTES: All of these services are available at my shop as well!

For mobile service appointments, a $50 scheduling fee must be prepaid. It will be applied to your invoice upon completion of the work or it will be refunded in accordance with the policy stated herein.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be made within 72 hours to avoid forfeiting your $50 scheduling fee. This $50 fee is in addition to any non-refundable expenditures related to your cancellation (including but not limited to housing, ferries, tolls, mileage, food, special order parts, etc.). Scheduling an appointment shall be considered an explicit legal and binding agreement.

Other Charges

All travel is subject to the following charges:

Transportation Fees - Computed from Derby, VT

* $0.80/mile - To and from job site
* $0.80/mile - Travel in caravan/race support and incidentals
* $1.00/mile - All mileage for charity/non-profit, sliding scale may apply
Tolls, ferry transport, and other travel costs are additional

Meal Stipend - $45 or three full meals for each work, travel, or rest day (full day or overnight only)

Lodging - Daily stipend at local rates or as detailed below (full day or overnight only)

* May be required for events more than two hours away
* Hotel or motel with easy car access or secure host housing
* Required for entire duration of event

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