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image I have more than three decades of bicycle industry experience. My shop is one of a select group with the tools and knowledge to solve just about any mechanical issue. I am also capable of doing remote and mobile repairs and service.

The bulk of my work has been event support: multi-sport, road racing, cyclocross, charity or fundraising rides, etc. Getting to see how people and equipment function in the real world gives me a unique perspective into the industry that, again, few bike shops are capable (or even qualified) to provide.

Regarding how you and your bicycle work together, I hold advanced certificates from two well-respected bicycle fitting organizations. Combined with my experience as a formal Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional, they ensure a holistic and repeatable approach to human performance, comfort, and safety on the bicycle.

Bicycle tools are constantly changing and evolving as evidenced by my vast tool collection. Among those is a custom-made industrial ultrasonic cleaner for the cleanest possible parts. I have a Morizumi Spoke Threader so I rarely if ever run out of spokes. While there are other spoke threading systems, very few shops have any of them. For me, building thousands of handbuilt wheels over the years just wouldn't be the same.

Fittings are highly underrated. So many riders could benefit from a professional fitting session. I own a Fitmaster FitCycle with adjustable cranks, adjustable stem, numerous saddles, handlebars, and more. Pretty much all of the FitKit accoutrements and measuring devices are in my tool arsenal.

Attention clipless pedal owners: Your knees and joints deserve a proper analysis using the R.A.D clipless pedal cleat alignment system. It ensures your biomechanics are neither compromised nor ignored. Few shops have them and instead rely on guesstimating cleat position - that's a recipe for disaster!

Add up all the facts and you'll have a very difficult time finding any person or shop who is my equal.

Don't believe everything you think. - Unknown

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